SC EP:298 The face was human like but bigger and wider

Tonight I will be welcoming two guests to the show. Mike writes: “Small mountain town outside of Tahlequah Oklahoma. Driving back from town like I had always done when all of the sudden I got a flat tire and forced my jeep up the road a mile and a quarter of a mile in on the entrance. I didn’t want to walk back I didn’t want to stop the jeep.

I later created a lot of damage to the rim and tire. It wasn’t but a few hours after that we were sitting in the back room. I do believe we were intentionally flattened because the damage was consistent with sidewall issue. A newer Goodyear tire that I had for several months. What I seen was a large man like creature looking at us from the back window of a trailer home my now ex resided with her family. It was large about 8-10 ft tall shoulders were at bare minimum of 3feet wide I wouldn’t say it was bigger then that.

The hair was a combination of yellow and grey matted type of fur at the base and long actual blond hair coming off of that. The face was human like, a bigger and wider version of a mans face however the major difference was the width of the mouth. The width of the mouth reminded me of a “cymbal monkey toy” from the movie toy Story 3.

The lips were thin and reached were out cheeks would be at. That’s the best I have to describe the mouth. Which was the feature that came to me as looking monkey like but mostly man-like. I noticed the lips would go from resting together to a wooing pucker and back. No noise or sounds. This thing had a wide and flattish nose with some freckles on either side of the bridge of the nose. Between the cheekbone and the bridge . Eyes were large almond shape and dark and with an occasional blink. I stared at it for about 15 seconds from inside the back bedroom and the window up until I convinced myself and my then girlfriend at the time, that I was seeing something that wasn’t real or thought I somehow imagined what I had seen was manifested as a thought. It was a very odd feeling. It doesn’t exist but it’s right here. She began freaking out and wanted the window shut and locked and had me go throughout the house to check the window and doors and grabbing the shotgun from her parents closet. We locked up the house and went to bed.”

I will also be welcoming Remee to the show and she writes “Hi, I have a friend who follows Sasquatch chronicles and suggested I contact you with my encounter/sighting story.

And after listening to other people’s stories on podcast I feel more at ease in sharing my encounter/sighting as I’m used to people I tell just dismissing it and writing to off as nothing. The encounter/sighting was in the mid to late 90’s while driving in northern Manitoba, Canada on a 2 lane highway surrounded by nothing but a sea of pine tree forest on both sides.

It was late at night and I was sitting with my dad keeping him awake while we drove to visit family up north, when all of a sudden in the headlights there was a Sasquatch that came running upright out of the ditch and across the road right in front of us. It was a very quick and used its arms to almost propel itself out of the ditch and across the road. It only took the Sasquatch 2 strides to clear the road. And once it was on the other side of the road it stopped for a split second, standing upright and just stared right at me while we were still driving towards it. Then it ran down the ditch into the darkness still upright and was gone.

However, I’m not sure where you sit with the belief of people having empathetic abilities but I have these and get gut feelings of other people, animals and nature’s feelings and I just know things that I shouldn’t sometimes. So in the instance when the Sasquatch stopped and stared at me I felt a great sadness, but like a loss or separation from another and a kind of lonely frantic ness almost like a driven search out of a panic. I also felt the Sasquatch’s mentality was what we would equate to that of a late teen early adult years and that it was a highly intelligent male. I remember his eyes the most they were large and dark but had a soft sad/ driven/ frantic panic kind of feel. I really didn’t feel he was any kind of threat or that he would want to be. He was very tall and had really long arms. It almost looked like a cross between a gorilla because of the arms and some of the facial features like the dark eyes and the flat wide nose and a brown/ grizzly bear because of the body being covered in a brown/black colour short hair and the butt being big like a bear, except the head had long hair. The Sasquatch was very muscular and had hands and feet like people but much larger and the skin looked thicker and like a grey colour. Honestly this Sasquatch to me was a beautiful being.

That is my sighting/encounter of a Sasquatch. I also have a picture I drew of what I remember seeing that night that I will attach, it’s not the best but is what i saw. Thanks for letting me share my sighting with you”

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