SC EP:302 I’ve never seen anything so powerful and agile

I will be welcoming several guests to the show tonight who have encountered Sasquatch as well as Shawn who writes “Hello Wes, I’ve been very reluctant to share my encounter with people due to the fact that people may think I am lying to them, or looking for attention.

After listening to your show every single night for the past year, I still have not heard any encounters quite like mine. I’d rather tell you this over the phone, but I’ll give you a brief summary via email.

A few years back, I was living in a rural area called Burnt Ranch, about 22 miles east of Willow Creek CA off of highway 299. The time was about 830 pm give or take a little, the sun was starting to set behind the ridge line. I was driving behind another truck about 6 or 7 miles past Salyer CA headed home on 299 when all of a sudden a huge creature literally jumped from a hillside and landed on the road, the truck in front of me literally slammed on his breaks in attempt to avoid a collision with what I thought was a bear at first glimpse. I also had to slam on my breaks to avoid rear ending the truck in front of me. I had a perfect view of the whole encounter. As the creature landed on the road, I saw it turn its head and looked right at us.

This thing reacted so fast, it was so fast….I’ve never seen anything so powerful and agile…anyways, it looked right at us as it landed on the road and at that moment this thing stood up on 2 feet, bent down like a human would who is just about to perform a backflip, and made the most incredible jump into the air, it jumped backwards and stretched its body out in full extension, as it stretched its arms above its head, I could see its whole body in full detail, at this moment I knew I was not looking at a bear. This thing easily jumped 15-20 ft into the air to clear the truck front of me.

As this thing was in mid flight, it somehow did a twist in the air and now was face down so it could see the hillside it jumped backwards towards. With its arms still fully extended out, it grabbed the hillside with its hands, and just after its hands touched the hillside came its feet, as soon as its feet touched the hill it made another incredible jump further up the hill and into the thick brush and disappeared.

I can tell you right now, there is not a bear on the planet that can move like that. I saw its face, the skin color looked like a charcoal color. Kind of a narrow head, and had reddish hair all over its body. I’d say the hair was anywhere from 4-6 inches long. I could actually see the hair blowing through the wind as it made that jump. I was only about 20 ft from it so like I said, I had a clear look at it.

I was born and raised in Humboldt County CA, My father is a Native American who took me hunting and fishing year round. I know what bear look like, I also know how they move. I am 110 % sure that what I saw was not even close to a bear. Growing up in these parts of the pacific north west you always hear stories and myth about the elusive Bigfoot. I am one of the few people who can say without a doubt in my mind, say that I saw Bigfoot.

There has been a few other experiences I have witnessed such as tree knocks, distant blood curling screams in the middle of the night, and healthy trees snapping and falling near my areas I have been hunting in.

One more thing I just recently encountered was the strangest noises I have ever heard, I was hunting for Chanterelle mushrooms with a friend of mine up in Del Norte County, shortly after experiencing a loud snap of a huge tree falling right in the general direction I was headed towards, I listened to 2 different creatures communicate with each other, one was up above me in the thick brush maybe 50-80 yards up the hill, the other was approximately 60-80 yards below me. I can’t explain the noises they was making via email, but given the opportunity, I can mimick the sounds. It was a different kind of language for sure.

I felt like I was being hunted, something was communicating with another creature no doubt. I had to work my way back to my truck feeling like I was being followed. I actually got scared, so scared I have never gone back to my favorite mushroom picking spot.”

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