SC EP:303 Trackway Near Sunnyslope, Washington

Paul will be discussing the track way that was found. Paul will be sharing what he found during his investigation, there is more to the story. Paul will also be sharing with us encounters he has investigated and sharing some of his audio with us.

Paul Graves writes “I live in eastern Washington state and have been researching Sasquatch since 1988. On Monday, February 13th, 2017 I answered an early morning knock on my front door. It was Roy Bianchi, an acquaintance I had met a few years back through the construction trade (I own a concrete business).

He was excited and said he wanted to show me something. He produced his cell phone and showed me photos of tracks he found on Friday, February 10th behind a new subdivision built on former orchard land. Roy is also a lifelong outdoorsman, and he had never seen tracks like these before. Upon first glance at the photos, I knew I had to go see the trackway. Previously, on Thursday, February 9th, roughly 8 inches of snow had fallen. The next morning, Roy and a coworker had to plow the construction area and discovered the trackway. The tracks were most likely made at night during the snowstorm, because when they were discovered, they were partially filled in with snow. After a third coworker examined the tracks, he suggested they should get hold of me (I am well known in this town as a sasquatch researcher).

When I arrived on site there were five people already present, including the home builder, my research colleague Josh Lawrence, and a reporter for the Wenatchee World newspaper. With the exception of the reporter, each and every one of us are hunters and trackers with many years of experience, and we were all equally baffled by these prints. There was nearly 2 feet of snow on the ground, with a thin crust of ice on top that made walking very difficult. I am a trained tracker and spend a lot of time in the winter on snowshoes, and there was no indication of an animal bounding or hopping, nor animal tracks present inside of the prints.

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