SC EP:328 Encounters around the Reservation

hrough the years, Thomas was active in the Canadian Indian political field as a Director on the boards of Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia, Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada. He even participated with the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver B.C. when he assisted with incorporating the Canadian Indian cultural component into the games.

As a true aboriginal entrepreneur he honed his business skills, so that now he works part time under contract helping others build or expand their tourism business ventures as a consultant. It has and is taking him all over western Canada and he just finished one year living and working in the Northwest Territories. There he conducted boat tours, fishing operations and in the winter ice fishing charters for the world famous Aurora Village which focuses on catering to people to see the northern lights.

These days sees Thomas assisting his life’s partner in Kent Washington with which is an adventure tourism operation catering to people wanting to sea kayak, high end camp called Glamping, take yacht based adventures and of course conduct or participate in Sasquatch tours or research. The focus to all is a heavy First Nations cultural component which is amazing after decades of honing his skills.

Tom and his partner Peggy have just launched The Seattle Sasquatch Tour, where one gets to see Peggy perform the costumed masked native Sasquatch dance in the shadow of the Tzoonakwa (Wildwoman Of The Woods) Totem pole in down town Seattle. Afterwards Thomas guides you through the Seattle Art Museum to share insight into the Sasquatch carvings found here and at The Burke Museum. This tour is sure to give insight into the creatures like no other tour in North America. They even have a dinner tour where all go to Ivar’s Salmon House which is designed and decorated like a traditional west coast Indian big house.

Tom recently visited a tribe in Omaha Nebraska. I have invited the Webster brothers from the tribe to come on the show and talk about what is going on around the reservation.

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