SC EP:343 Sasquatch Encounters

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I will be speaking to Nick who was driving in Montana and he and his wife saw one of these creatures on the side of the road. Nick will go into the full encounter and what he saw.

Also I will be having return guest Derrill from episode 293 on the show. He will be giving us an update on the picture taken below. Derrill writes “My stepdaughter took this pic of red eyes staring in at her while at her aunts house. She told me that she woke up around 2am and saw two red eyes staring in at her. She heard no sounds but she did say that it blinked at her several times before it went away. I went over there to ck out the house and the bedroom window is over 6.5 feet in the side of the house. So what was ever looking in was at least 7′ tall! This window is about 20′ away from small creek that has lots of tree cover. I will include pics of the window, the bank, and the tree cover. This is in York county near York city in PA. What do you think? Bigfoot, or dogman? With the glowing red eyes I go for the latter. This house is at the end of a street and there are no streetlights, so at 2am it’s really, really dark outside. Let me know what you think”

A 6th grade school teacher wrote “I came across your website during the last few months of school. The principal of our school told us teachers that the last 3 days of school we could teach whatever we wanted. Well I thought I would do a class on Bigfoot in America. I taught two classes a day to sixth grade students. I had the students listen to several of your podcasts and the absolutely loved them. I also became a huge fan and have been listening to them all the time.

I also wanted to tell you that I never brought up the fact of a government cover up, but one of my sixth grade student raised his hand one day and said I think Bigfoot exists and I think the government has known for a long time. So I just had to cover that after he said that.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting out some legitimate content about the subject. Especially after all the silliness that there is on TV now. I just wanted to tell you that my students loved your podcasts and we had a lot of fun discussing the subject.”

I will be also welcoming back to the show Brenda Harris. Brenda investigates encounters around the reservation in New Mexico and will be sharing with us some updates from around the reservation.

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