SC EP:362 The eyes and face looked very human like

I will return on Sunday for the members I had to move my guests around this week.

Tonight I will be speaking to Erin who had an encounter in Washington State and Erin writes “I had a sighting years ago that was witnessed by many other people 30-50 maybe more, I have been researching a bit lately trying to find out if anyone from that day had posted the same sighting because how can you ever forget seeing bigfoot? My husband and I we are meeting my brother and his wife at a cabin in Gifford Pinchot NP (that is in the area of my sighting) in a few weeks hoping to get a chance sighting again, although I’m not sure that I want a face to face like I had before!”

I spoke to Erin last night and she has one of the most interesting encounters I have ever heard. The encounter took place in the late 60’s and Erin was within feet of this creature. She describes several odd things that happened prior to seeing this creature and she was not the only one who saw it.

Erin says “The eyes and face looked very human like. I think it was a male because it reminded me of a man. The body was covered in hair and he had this surprised look on his face. It never growled or showed it’s teeth it just had a look of curiosity and surprise. It scared me, I was in shock……”

I will also be welcoming Derek to the show and Derek writes “My story happen back in July of 2000 I was at scout camp. We where up high in the mountains in eastern Utah. The scout camp is called East fork of the Bear. This was the second year I had been there. This year I was getting my wilderness survival merit badge. So they would take us one night out from the scout camp mile north.

We had to make a shelter look for food. I went with about 5 other from troop. Two went off an made anther camp about 50 feet from us. The rest of us found a large tree that had fallen over. We found other fallen smaller trees took them over and put them leaning on it. To make a same shelter form the night. It took and six of us took pick these trees up plus a dad who came to help us. We put a tarp over the top and all crawled in and went to sleep. I was on one of the exit to the shelter as I have to get up in the middle of the night a lot to go pea.

So the night start out slow with us all scared as we didn’t want to be there. Well they start to tell scary stories and I really got scared and start having to go to the bathroom more. Well after about 4 hour everyone was a sleep and i finally got up to use the restroom. As I’m looking around me I saw a huge figure staring at me. I couldn’t make out a face it was to dark. As it was about 30 feet away. It was about twice my height so around 9 feet tall and was wide. With long arms and legs that would not go straight. It also looked like it had no neck.

Well as any brave 13 year old would do I got back in my sleeping bag and closed my eyes lol. Well the creature came over and found the four of us. One of the boy heard it coming over and started to wake everyone up. He started crying that is when it pushed are shelter over. Remember it took 7 of us to even move those logs it did on it own. Well we all start getting out of the shelter and start making a lot of noise. The scout leaders start yelling and every adult starts to run towards where we are. Well just as fast as it came it was gone. It made one crash sound as it left then was quiet. I didn’t see when it was up close it only heard it. Well when it scout master got to us. They thought we where pulling there legs. They told us to shutup and go back to sleep lol. After that none of us went sleep no one wanted to talk about it. We just left early the next morning back for the main camp.”

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