SC EP:364 Worst Day Ever

Duke showed up for the intro of the show. I hope you guys and gals enjoy.

A listener writes “Hello Wes, Theo here in Yucaipa Ca. The city of Yucaipa is located near the mountain areas. One of the many mountain areas where I’m at is San Bernardino National Forest. I can literally drive about 20 minutes and I’m there.

I am an avid hiker, so much that I hike every weekend in the forest. I’m 47 years old and have experience in this.

On Saturday August 5 of this year 2017 I was with my GF and we decided to go hiking in The San Bernardino National forest ( Big Bear ) as we were driving up the old Highway 38 route we were having good conversation then about 10 miles away from Big Bear city she said ” I saw a monkey “! I slowed the car and asked her ” what?” She said I saw a monkey standing on the side of the lower part of the mountain! She continued saying.. it was standing up straight on two legs and looking our way as we were driving! By now I couldn’t stop due to heavy traffic coming from behind us. Highway 38 there isn’t a lot of room to pull off. We kept driving. I asked her what it looked like. She stated it looked like a monkey but as big as me! She stands Five Six tall same as me. It was dark brown color and standing on two feet and legs. It had long arms and looking at the road where we were driving. She wasn’t sure about the weight but if it was as big as her and I it had to have been around 130-170 lbs.

it got kinda quiet and we talked about it being a possible Big Foot. I left it at that, I didn’t want to press my luck. So now back to our day out. As we drove through Big Bear city to find our destination. We found the road that led to the one of many hiking trails. It was called Pine Knot Trail. We geared up and we hit the trail that day. We talked and enjoyed ourselves. About 4 miles in the forest off the trail I noticed something odd it was outta place. A very tall tree standing around 70 feet or more but with a huge portion of another tree stuck in the middle of it. I appeared to be snapped on both ends and roughly estimated height was around 8 feet high . This massive piece of a tree was placed in the middle of this standing tree! Now that piece didn’t fall and it didn’t belong from that area of trees. It didn’t fit! I immediately started to record it on my iPhone. As I looked around we both noticed other breakings around…”

“…It was a quite ride home. I felt like crying afterwards and I was trying my best to hold it together. We haven’t been back to that trail since then. Thank You if you do read this. Ever since then I’ve had other strange occurrences happen to me in the forest…”

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