SC EP:367 Is this thing something more

Tonight I will be speaking to Frank and Frank grew up in the woods. His family had encounters with these creatures going back to the 1950’s.

Frank contacted me, he has agreed to come on the show and writes “Wes my name is Frank, I live in mid-Tennessee. I have had a lot of encounters me an my family, call when you can.” I spoke to Frank in great detail about his encounters growing up. He had two visual encounters and talks about encounters his family has had. Frank talks about being followed in the woods for several miles and feeling like he was going to be killed…

Frank said “We had a small wood stove and me and my brothers spent many days collecting firewood. After we had the encounter and saw what we saw. We spent days going deeper and deeper into the woods and getting more and more firewood.

We got up one morning and there was a huge pile of firewood and broken branches next to the house. We were all confused….so many things happened on that property and around that property…I don’t know”

I will be interviewing Jami, he writes “Wes, I feel like it’s time to share my encounter as ️maybe one of your listeners will relate or have a similar experience.

My experience happened in late August/early September at dusk. I guess I should start by saying my father lived with us during his bone cancer and strangely relates to him in a way I’d never expect.

So this experience happened several months after my father passed away but I’ll share how this all comes into play later after dissecting it over and over in my mind that day. On that particular day I remember entering a turkey trail and looking up at the sky and saying a prayer to My dad, to God for a sign. Forgetting all about that we hiked the trail and made it to a creek that feeds into a lake called, “Shenango”. My wife was photographing mushrooms, flowers and nature. I noticed our beagle harley acting odd as she was whining, shaking and wanted picked up. I guess it was my thought she’d been stung with a bee or stepped on a thorn. I picked her up and no sooner had I picked her up, we heard a vocalization.

Jenny and I stood motionless in shock just listening. We communicated with our eyes only as I think we just couldn’t speak at that moment. The noise was as I think ️back something of prehistoric nature, primate like but also louder than anything I’ve ever been so close to. We actually watched a puddle in front of us ripple and a vibration inside our bodies. I’m not sure how or why but the vocalization became more of a warning type nature. We watched trees about 75 feet in front of us shake and thud. Jenny and I made a silent agreement to just leave. As we turned to leave still carrying my dog, it made a loud lung filled aff wuff aff type of sound…”

“This whole experience has changed my life in ways I can’t explain and I’m on what I call a journey for answers which has taken me in some really amazing places. My research has taken on a life of its own and the things Jenny and I have found is and I say this because I see other peoples research, very different. We have recordings, prints and tree branches twisted out of the trees. Shelters, nest like and things that really make you stop and think, is this thing something more…”

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