SC EP:402 Giant chimpanzee on all fours chasing the deer

I am in the process of working on the member show and I thought I would go ahead a release the public show early for you guys and gals. It should be available later today.

A listener writes “I had several encounters 20 years ago on and around some property that’s in the family. My Mother had lived there and past away from drug and alcohol problems in ‘95.

So I went up to her old house and started fixing it up as it was in pretty bad shape. But even though Mom and I never got along and I was never close with her or that side of the family they didn’t give me any grief about me just taking over the old place. No one else wanted it at the time. I was a teenager with my own home and my own ride. That combo tends to make boys think they’re men. Most of time everything up there was quiet and normal. But several events occurred over the years that scared me so bad I buried it deep inside and tried for years to forget about it.

But in recent years I’ve started digging for answers which led me to your show. But still I’ve never talked about any of it. But just 2 weeks ago I saw another one of these things just about a 6-7 minute drive from where I live now in Spartanburg County. Town of Cross Anchor in Enoree. I work second shift and was driving home. It was about 11:40pm. Foggy night. There’s a dirt driveway that leads to private property that can’t be seen from the road. It’s almost right on the Enoree river. As I past the driveway I spotted eyeshine approximately 7 feet above the ground. Directly in the middle of the driveway, about 30 feet or so back from the road. I could see the white of teeth and the hair on the chest, which was dirty blonde. Same color as a bail of hay. Eyeshine was red. Had it not been for the eyeshine I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. It didn’t move at all. Just as a Deer would “freeze”. Something I remember you saying on the show came to mind “I think these things live right on the edge of society.” You’re absolutely right!! When I look around where I live. I don’t see THEM. But I DO see habitat that is perfect FOR them…”

“…20 years I’ve been silent about this. You’re the first to know. I can’t even tell my Wife, not because she wouldn’t believe me, but because she would. And I don’t feel like she could handle it…”

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