SC EP:417 A Strange Night

I will be welcoming on three guests on tonight. Mike writes “My encounter happened when I was about 12 years old in 1975. My parents had property in the Pocono mountains in Bushkill Falls, and my mother wanted to go check on the property and decide to go with her.

We went and looked at the land because they did not have a house on the land, they just owned it. It was a beautiful fall day around October, the leaves were starting to turn and the air was crisp. As we were heading back about 2:30 in the afternoon, I believe we were on Bushkill Falls Road heading towards route 209- There is very little traffic on this road and Bushkill Falls Road has twists and turns. At one point as we turning to the left to go down the curving road, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was sitting about 6-8 feet in from the edge of the road in the small saplings. And at first I thought someone tossed out a stuffed animal and it was just sitting on the side of the road. But as we pasted it, I saw this thing turn it’s head and watch the wheels go by as it leaned on one arm…”

Jared writes “I just recently started listening to your podcasts. They help me get through the work day.

Why I’m emailing you is because I would like to discuss my “encounters”, I say it like because I’ve never really saw a Bigfoot before. So let’s cut to the chase. Around July 2012, I was freshly out of high school. My cousin and I went canoeing, with the intentions of camping. The place we camped was only accessible by water that I know of. I do not know the exact location but we were in the Jackson canal fulton area. The section of the river had a strong current to it.

So strong when I got out of the canoe it carried me down stream a mile. Anyways when I got out of the canoe the water-was chest deep on me. When I finally got to back to the canoe. We carried it up hill I wanna say 45 yards. We set up all our stuff put the canoe behind the tent. Built a fire because I was soaked and the sun was going down and we still hadn’t ate, we sat around the fire talked and then went to bed. I don’t know why but 4:36 am flashed in my head and it still does to this day. What happened next I can’t really come to grips with on how it happened. It was like i was in a twilight zone, and I heard something cross the river in three steps, and it went silent for a minute.

It was a creepy silent, like when a predator is near by. This sense of fear came over me like I’ve never felt before…”

Roman writes “I am from Vancouver, BC and I have been listening to your show for several months now and thought I would share my sighting. I have been a hunter for quite sometime and have spent lots of time in the bush in central BC and know most animals behaviors and what they look like from distances.

Last August 2 2018 my sister invited me out to a lake south of Merritt BC to camp, now this was in a range of mountains I haven’t really explored much just east of the infamous Coquihalla Highway.

My sister had given me terrible directions to this lake we were suppose to meet at now I decided to drag my little utility trailer to haul my quad so we could do some riding over the BC Day Long Weekend and as usual it had taken longer than expected to get up to the interior.

I arrived in Merritt about 11pm and still had to travel up the towards Kelowna to my first turnoff 5A south back down towards Princeton about 30KM to my second turnoff which is a Forestry Service rd. called Pike Mountain (which is a logging road ) this is where I realized my sisters directions were terrible now I have covered lots of ground on BC forestry roads and wasn’t too concerned I wouldn’t find it. I decided to park my truck and pull off the quad as I could cover a lot more ground quicker, by this time it was about 12:30 am.

I started to ride all over many different FSR roads and wasn’t getting to far because there is a lot of roads with no signage to this lake, I started too feel very strange about this trip at this point and began to feel very vulnerable without my shotgun…”

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