SC EP:428 Sasquatch in Maine

My first guest is from Louisiana. I will be welcoming John to the show and John had an encounter when he was 6-7 years old. John says “I was out with my family and I started walking down the trail by myself and I came up on what I thought was a gorilla. It looked at me and made a RAAAA! sound and pushed his head forward. I ran back to my dad and told him what happen. My Dad told me that they were an ancient human/indian that lived in the woods and that he was paced out of the woods one time. The thing I ran into was huge and reminded me of a gorilla, now this is in the 60’s so information was scarce at best….”

My second guest JC writes “I am a retired Navy Seabee and I live in South Central Maine. I, a friend & associate of mine whom is a professional in the community, have had continuous contact/encounters with a family pod of Bigfoot for the past 18 months. This email has been difficult to write due to the fact that I am growing Marijuana in the forests in which these these encounters take place. The reason for writing now we feel is that we posses valuable information for you and your listeners.

My story is very long but I want to keep this email as short as possible. I personally have been growled at, charged by numerous creatures at the same time. I’ve been paralleled in the woods, escorted out of those same woods by them. I have had tree limbs snapping all around me as I’m watering my plants inside my grow area holding my pistol in my other hand at the same time. No one goes into these woods and no one has for decades. First, the tics are so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I own an actual tic suit, I would not be out there, and I am out there 2 to 3 times a week mostly by myself. But there other times my friend is with me. I have also called in some juveniles and they like to use whistles to communicate. We have been visited by a family of 5 Sasquatch and have been within 10 yards of the 3 baby’s This will continue to happen because we have discovered this area is being used in sense as a nursery. We have discovered a large number of baby tree structures everywhere throughout these parts of the sticks. It will really start ramping up for me because in 2 weeks I am back out in the same area where I have been growled at and charged numerous times, 2 to 3 times a week. Only once last year I went out into the woods and I did not have a undesirable encounter. All encounters are UNDESIRABLE!

Everything started when my friend asked me if I would come out to his property and check things out because he thought or felt he was being stalked and watched by one of these creatures. Upon arrival, I discovered an unreal amount of tree structures straddling the edge of the wood line of his property and his field (approx. 25 acres). There were trail markers at 3 points at at either end of the field too that you could clearly make out. As I made my way up to the tree structures, I noticed pressed into the grass was a set of the largest set of tracks I have ever seen. Measured out to be 22 inches long by 9 and half inches wide. I followed tracks into the forest until I heard A knocking sound. I then turned tail and left. The next weekend I got to witness what left these tracks and I m still trying to put it together in my head of what I saw because it was too big. It had to been over 11ft tall, 1100 lbs., 5 to 6ft wide at the shoulders.

Since then I have had too many encounters to list here. My friend and I have figured out their migratory pattern, their territory range, their routine and a lot of their habits especially where they like to sleep. I have physical evidence such as tools they made and used, hair, photos, recordings, and hell, I could nail down to what day of the week as to where they will be.

I am already back out into the woods where nobody else travels, and these woods my friend are thicker than the Olympics because I am from Idaho and I use to visit there a lot as a kid.

Thank you Wes, been listening to you for a long time and if it were not for you I would not of come forward.”

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