SC EP:468 The Devil’s Lettuce And Bigfoot

Rick writes “Hi Wes, My name is Rick. Around Aug 2004 me and a friend were in Haliburton Forest planting pot. I’ve been growing weed for 25 years and I’ve been to some of the most remote locations in the southern part of the province.

Ontario is huge and there is a lot of deep forest out there. I’v never seen anything like What I saw that year before or since. I had rented a cottage in Carnarvin, it,s just outside the town of haliburton and we were planting not far from there. It is remote Forrest out there, swamps and limestone and granite and thick thick brambles and vines and thorns and in some spots it almost impossible to go off trail because you just can’t . Well these are the places we like to go in fall or early spring to prep the planting area cut trees ect.

Then come summer its grows in and there’s no trails leading to our patch. Well, we going into the area in the middle of summer for some reason I forget why and for some reason we had to go off trail so we were hacking through the brambles vines and thorns, I mean its so thick we get like 10 yards in 10 min. We hacked into the thicket for about 30 yards and we found a tunnel cut into the thicket. It ran for thousands of meters through the absolute thickest parts where you just can’t walk, it was like a highway through the brambles. It would fork off into different directions and there was a well worn path inside. It was absolutely crazy. It opened up Into a huge crater clearing. The crater must have been at least 80-100 feet from the center in a perfect circle. The perimeter was huge. It was about 25 feet deep with about a 20′ slope. We started to walk toward center when I looked on the ground and saw something I have never ever seen oh heard of before. Bones, thousands of them. The slopes the center , the whole floor of this huge crater was fucking covered in bones. Skulls ribs, vertebrae , mostly deer some moose and bear.. I got a sense of dread.

Like I’m not supposed to be here. Me and my buddy were horrified. There is no way it was a poacher spot because there were no trees in the crater to hang an animal on for cleaning and gutting. We looked at the bones close and noticed obvious gnaw marks and we got the fuck out of there.

As we started walking around the crater I noticed that there were several of these “tunnel” cut outs that opened up into this crater, basically all the way around. It was like there were hidden paths all through the Forrest and they all led to here. By the time we were to freaked out to stay any longer we couldn’t tell what doorway we came in through. I took a reading from my gps and we basically cut our way out in a straight line the fastest way out. It took us hours to hack though the brambles that we so quickly came in through by way of the tunnels, by the time we made our way to the trail we were so tired we just went back to the cottage and went to bed. Believe me we spent most of the night talking about what the hell could have made that intricate highway through the most dense brush imaginable, wolves, bears, ? We reasoned out that it couldn’t possibly have been either based on the height and width of the tunnels. They were like 8’w and 5’h all the way that we walked. Perfect tunnels in the thickets.

The next day we went back into the forest to plant a spot we had already picked out. It was basically in a direct line with a local airport that was about 5 miles away. It was me my buddy and his little red nose pit bull and we were digging some hole in a big clearing when I herd a loud low flying Cessna coming in line with runway so we ducked down as not to be seen. We hid under a big tree and went prone as the plane flew over the clearing. As soon as it passed and the roar of the engine faded a bit we started to stand when all of a sudden two massive I mean massive black creatures, not bears way way to big to be blackies came charging into the clearing and passed us as the pit bull went nuts and gave chase.

They were on all fours while running through the clearing but even on all fours they were easily up to my chin and I’m 5’10 . Wes I,v seen the biggest black bears and these ain’t no $%#@* bears. On all fours they were easily over 5 feet high and almost a wide at the shoulder. They went by so fast. I knew we were being stalked and that the sound of the plane spooked them as they were about to jump us. We banged shovel on trees and yelled and screamed the whole way out. We though for sure the dog was gone for good but she tracked our scent and found us about an hour later. When I saw this I knew where the tunnels and the bone pit came from. These things stalk there prey pacing it in the tunnels in the thicket beside the Forrest paths, pull it into the tunnel at some point and then whisk it down to the feeding crater until it’s nothing but a bone pile. Scariest, craziest $hit Ive ever seen.”

Then I will speak to Ben who is from Ohio and shares strange things on his property.

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