SC EP:470 Rest Area Sasquatch Encounter

A listener writes “I am a long haul truck driver, two years ago I had an encounter that changed my life, almost gave me a psychotic break and has turned an alpha male supposed Billy badass into a man that is afraid of the dark and refuses to stop at rest areas.

I’ve only told my daughter and now my current partner that I drive with because I had to explain my behavior at night and my refusal to stop in rest areas. I’ve been holding this in for almost 2 years and, well I could use a debrief so to speak. Love your podcast, it’s helped me a lot as I’m equally obsessed with Bigfoot as I am terrified.”

Spoke to the witness last night and he jumped out of his truck to go pee. When he jumped back into the truck a very large creature came out from behind the dumpster and stopped and just looked at him. The witness said “I was in shock and terrified, he stood there looking at me…”

There are many more details the witness will share with us.

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