SC EP:489 Two Strange encounters

Does Sasquatch always attack? My first witness writes “I began hearing brush crack along with a foul smell that was similar to a skunk that was wet and sprayed with BO beside me, the cracking gradually moved ahead of me and then stop, I quickened my pace slightly and tried to block it out, but after I entered a small clearing I stopped dead as a large brown figure stood in front of me, I was around 5’9 at the time as I had hit a massive growth spurt and even then this thing dwarfed me in height, it had to be around 7-8ft tall and easily 500lbs without question, it looked me straight in the eye and made a short grunt and started to move towards me. I was frozen with fear…”

My second witness had a very strange encounter. He writes, “I was out in the woods for four days camping by myself with my dog. I had a Sasquatch walk up on my tent, it made a sound like an ape or a monkey would make. I was terrified, the forest went silent like a switch had been flipped, there was no noise not even the insects. I don’t even know how to describe what happen next. After it walked off I had a soft light appear inside my tent and start spiraling like a yin yang, I thought I was losing my mind.”

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