SC EP:540 I Quit

There was technical issues with capturing my presentation at the live event in Houston. I will recreate it and tell the story about the day I quit the show and put it out for everyone when I get back into town.

Bob flys out tomorrow morning and I told him how much it meant to me for him to be there with me when I told that story. He teared up a little when I said it to him and I told him to cowboy up or he was going to make me tear up. If you didn’t love Bob Gimlin before, you will after hearing this and it has nothing to do with filming Patty. If you love the show you will understand why there is still a show after hearing what I have to say. If you meet Bob in the future be sure to thank him.

I got an opportunity to have a real heart to heart with him and tell him what he means to me.

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