SC EP:592 Confessions Of A Retired Police Officer

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Kurt writes “I had an incident in 1995 in Northern Michigan that I would like to run by you. I was jogging and this thing got up and took off running. It looked like shaquille o neal in a ghillie suit. I have never disclosed this to anyone but my wife…… but now that I am retired (training units only), I’m not so nervous about speaking about it.”

Spoke to Kurt in depth about his encounter including other strange calls he has been on. One account Kurt relates was a call where the home owner said there was a prowler on the property. When the officer’s arrived they said there was large canine tracks around these peoples home. These tracks were larger than normal and there was scratch marks on the side of the house about 8-9 feet up.

Kurt relates “I got a call one time about a lady who said someone was walking on her roof. When we arrived we walked around her property and could not find anything. There was a lot of snow but as I shined my light up on the roof I saw what appeared to be footprints on this ladies roof. It was odd….I remember getting in my patrol car not sure what to make of this.”

Kurt will be sharing this and many more incidents that he encounter as a police officer. Join me as we pull the curtain back and take a look at law enforcement from behind the scenes.

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