SC EP:614 A Creature Interrupts The Hunt

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We speak to Devin, Todd and Mason from New York. Devin writes, “I was using my hen call and I was getting no response from anything it was pin drop quiet with a slight fall breeze every now and again would pick up. I came to the edge and I could see the shelf and it was empty no turkey’s so I went down to see if I could find a track. Once I popped over the edge it hit me the feeling of like I am being watched looking for tracks.

I ignored it thinking it was just a squirrel or something so I ignored it continuing my investigation for the disappearing Turkey. I looked for about 10 minutes duck walking around looking for tracks when I stood up next to this tree looking down into the ravine with my gun propped on my boot like Daniel Boone would with his Kentucky long rifle. This overwhelming feeling like I was being watched was still in the back of my head when my brain said “TURN AROUND NOW!” so I did and as I turned from the corner of my eye I saw a massive red, brown auburn blur retreat from the edge which I just dropped down from.

My first though was oh it was a deer but then it occurred to me why didn’t I hear leaves crunching or it running through branches? So I said maybe it was my eyes playing with me so I tried to recreate the “blur” and I couldn’t. I will not lie when I say at 17 in the woods with the cannon I was carrying at this moment I was scared shi#less. My heart was racing and the adrenaline kicked in. I raised that shotgun to my shoulder and I started walking back along this shelf heading south back to the camper because it came right out to the driveway within eye site of our camper.”

He went on to say, “A lot has happened, we returned to the area and this thing or things are still in the area. I have found a lot of strange structures what appear to be hunting blinds. My friend was roared at.”

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