SC EP:627 I Put My Gun Up And Fired

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Dustin from Colorado writes, “Two years ago my oldest daughter of 9 at the time keep begging me to take her bear hunting so I did and all we did is drive the side by side around because taking a 9 year old out and blowing on a call hoping to have a bear come at you at a dead run and hope your gun shoots true and the shot is effective and the dam thing don’t get pissed and kill you is stupid with a 9 year old girl in tow.

Well fast forward to last fall I had a big bear coming into the water hole I had sat at for a few days, but the timing never was right to fill my tag. My kid keep begging to go and being the mean dad I am I said no. so one day my kids where at my fokes house while I was working and my oldest went to my dad and told him she wanted to go out hunting tomorrow with me but I wouldn’t let her and why is that papa. Well he told her it’s not safe to take your kids at a younger age out predator hunting. Deer and elk hunting is safer but not bear and he told her this story that I had never heard until that evening but the strange thing is I have memories about some of it even before dad relayed it to me that day but we will find out why. When I was 5 years old it was still legal to bait in bear with bait barrels in Colorado so one afternoon dad was babysitting me his only kid at the time and mom was running late from work to relieve him so he could go hunting so he scooped me up and out we went now I can’t tell you where he was hunting at the time due to me not asking. so anyways we get there, and he was just going to put the few pig heads in the barrel and head home and hit it first thing in the morning on his own. Well he walks me into the area, and he had a few of the pig heads with him he places them in the barrel, and he placed me down and said stay. so, he turned around to walk the 30 ish yards to the Honda 3-wheeler for the other pig heads. He only went 10 to 15 yards and I started screaming for him and he flipped around to find me hauling ass down to him. He scooped me up and walk back to the bait station to see what he told my daughter at the time was a bear running of in the timber. But later that night when I asked him about that story, he said I’m not going to lie to you son it was a f&%$#$% bigfoot walking off with the pig heads. It came up took the heads out of the barrel with you sitting 5 yards away. All I remember is seeing the pig heads and riding on the gas tank of the 3-wheeler and seeing a barrel not much before are after but he said the barrel was in a tree about 3 feet when we arrived and he had to pull it out of there and reset it. So there’s my first experience with them. My dad has a few more very hair raising story’s that he had years prier but they are his story’s not mine and I will talk with him about sharing them with you over the phone. I have returned to those areas and had my own experiences also.

My second one was in around spring of 2007 I was upriver ridding my four-wheeler and I was in this area where I could see down 300 to 400 yards below me into this meadow and there’s a tree line and above the tree line is a road. Well I stopped and was sitting, and I looked down to that meadow with my binoculars to see a dark figure walking across the meadow towards the road. My first thought was holy shit moose but after further monitoring it. It was on two legs swinging its arms in a kind of way I’ve heard a few people on your show say crazy bag lady kind way only this thing looked like it was frolicking through the meadow like something on the little house on the prairie. So I’m not sure what I’m looking at then 2 dirt bikes come screaming down the road above the tree line and this critter turns towards my direction and starts running still on two legs then dropped to all four and it runs right to the timber line then does this barrel roll looking deal into the timber and was gone no smell no noise.

I later ran into something else. I’ll be honest with you Wes this was no bigfoot…”

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