SC EP:628 The Little People

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Ed from Indiana writes “Listened to one of your shows tonight. He said he saw a little green man. I had an experience similar to his. I was arrowhead hunting here in Indiana, in the banks of the Ohio River.

I had crossed over with a friend’s neighbor to the Indiana side. Just caught a ride over with him, and his wife on their boat. My plan was to walk from West Point Ky, back to New Albany Indiana. Well, I mean I started out across from West Point. This was the summer of 93. It was a great day, and I found lots of points. Some places were overgrown with poison ivy, and sumac. I had anticipated this problem, and had food, and essentials in plastic bags, so I could swim, or wade if I needed to. I stopped for about two hours to rest, and eat. I found a small runoff area, that had cut a channel down from the cornfields, to the river bank. So, I’m sitting there, just resting after I had eaten. I was facing south towards the Ky bank just enjoying the quiet of the river. I heard something off to my left,coming through the small willows that grow in a band, along the middle part of the bank. I’m sitting back up in the runoff so I couldn’t see what it was immediately.

I was thinking it was a beaver at first, they love the young willows to eat. Then around the edge of the runoff, two small “men”, for lack of a better word, come walking around the edge of the runoff. It was just like you, and your guest, stated. They weren’t green though, they were more like small Native Americans. Not proportioned like a dwarf, or midget, but like a grown person. Say about the size of a four year old child. The one in front saw me, and he made this buzzing type sound, the other stopped when he did this. I say he, because they appeared to be male. In breechclout, with leggings. It was like looking at woodland era Native Americans. He looked at me, made the sound, the other stopped, and the one in the lead just stood there, staring at me, and me at him. Then they just turned and walked away. Not in a hurry, or alarmed, they just turned and left.”

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