SC EP:630 Camping In A Boneyard

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Our first guest, Johnathon, writes “I would like to tell you my experiences. I grew up in a small town or village (depends on how you define Either or ) Slana, Alaska. Growing up me and my family didn’t have power or running water.

My first experience was when I was 7 so to get water for the house we would have to load buckets in to the old station wagon drive down to the river. My job was to sit in the back and hold the jugs so they don’t tip over not like hold them on my lap but just hold them still. I remember pulling out of the pullout at the river and looking out the back window and seeing a (as I put it to my parents) big hairy dude stand up out of the ditch on the other side of the ditch. He had vary thick brown and dirty wight hair on his chest and on what we would consider his beard.

Of course my parents didn’t believe me said I was just imagining things.

The scary experience is what I’m really hear to tell you about to say nothing ever tried to interact with us would be a misrepresentation of the reality of living out there. From small things like sitting in the outhouse and having acorns thrown at you to coming home to find something has ripped your door off the hinges taken all your food and trashed your cabin (normally blamed on bears) witch is rare but does happen.

One day my friend mat came to visit me and my family from the city so me and my sister decided to take him camping up in the mountains. Me and my sister packed up with a shotgun an SKS with her dog Lucius food and couple tents set off. to get to the trail it was a 2 hour drive plus a 3 hour walk to get to where we wanted to camp. When we got to the clearing we noticed moose bones but we thought it was just a hunter’s camp but now looking back Hunter’s wouldn’t have left the antlers. We set up the camp and it was an uneventful day the dog was happy running around it wasn’t tell we all laid down for the night it was me and mat in one tent my sister and her dog in the other tent. It was about midnight when I woke up to branches breaking outside of my tent I called over to my sister did you hear that she called back that I was just hearing things then it sounded like something ripped a tree down. We jumped out of the tent we could hear things circling the clearing we were in running around. We could tell that they were on two lags it’s a varey distinct sound but at the time we were thinking wolves trying to get the dog so we built up the fire and shot off a couple rounds from the SKS cuz we had bear slugs in the shotgun.

It dies down for about 15 minutes then it starts up again just running around the camp then we realized that they were not making any noise no barking or growling bears and wolves make lots of noise when they are we fired off a bunch more rounds but they didn’t leave this time mat came running over saying something was touching the tent he was in we ran over and we found the dog in the tent he had peed on himself and refused to come out he is a big boy to pit bull American bulldog cross about 90 pounds was still young at the time. He has been around bears wolves and links nothing has scared him but now he won’t move. So we decided it was time to leave we packed up the camp we went to the tree we put are food in then we could see shadows in the fire we never heard them walk up on us it was like the running was just a destruction. I had to carry the dog so my sister had the shotgun mat had the pots and pans and the SKS my sister was up front with the flashlight and mat was in the back with a flashlight so me and the dog were in the middle so nothing could try and grab him.we could hear them following us all the way down the mountain but half way down we had to take a break when mat put the pack down it made a loud clang then we heard something Sprint off it was standing only about three feet away from mat and we had no clue it was there. The dog never stopped crying but they seemed more interested in mat we made it back to the car and drove away very fast.

We never got a good look at what they were and we shot at the noise but I don’t think we hit any thing. I think we accidentally walked in to where they were staying for the night. There is more experiences but this email is already long winded so thank you for your time.”

Fox is my second guest. He comes to us from Florida and will be sharing an encounter he had camping with friends, and some strange things that happened to him while hunting.

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