SC EP:643 Let The Stealer Steal No More

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James writes “I had on my uncle small farm in Ozark County, Missouri. This happened during the summer of 2017. My uncle owns and operates a small beef cattle farm where he has cows, chickens, and goats.

I was visiting my family that live in the area because I live in Kentucky now. We was talking and he was telling me about how some of his chickens a had been pulled out of there pens and disappeared over the last couple weeks. We both agreed there may be a coyote or two getting into his chicken pin. I like varmint hunting so I agreed to spend a couple nights out there and see if I bag the coyote for him. I had brought my .300 AAC AR build to shoot with some of my family. It was equipped with a day and night sight because I mainly use it for coyote and smaller game hunting. Well one the second night I was posted up in the top of his barn that has a small opening on the second floor that faced the wood line.

I was scanning the woodline with the night setting when I noticed something moving some small trees about 150 yards to my left. So i focused on it. As I watched this 7 and half 8 foot tall creature stepped out. It was covered in dark hair. The moon was almost full so I had alot of illumination to help my night sight. At first I seemed like someone in a ghillie suit. But I quickly realized it wasn’t as it cover the halfway to the chicken coops in just a few steps. I yelled out stop or I’m going to fire. The thing stops and I can see it stare directly up at me and bare its teeth. It let’s out this ungodly roar and barrels toward me. I quickly switched my weapon to fire and open up on it at about 75 ft.

I empty my first mag and was reloading my second when it slammed the side of the barn shaking it. It aimed down and emptied another half a mag directly down on it. It looked up at my yelled and again and made a beeline straight back into the woods. My heart was pounding. I have done 2 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and this rattled me to my bones. I waited till morning to climb down and make my way back to uncle’s house. I told him what I saw and what I did. We went back and couldn’t find blood but found some partial tracks.

We ended up calling our family friend who was a Missouri Conservation Officer and he came out. I told him my story and with a serious face and tone he told me dont tell anyone and hed handle it. Well there’s my story.”

Al in Connecticut writes “Hey Wes, I had a short encounter, I know what I saw and I am a huge skeptic…WAS.” Spoke to Al and he owns a farm in Connecticut. He said after weeks of animals coming up missing he saw what was taking his animals. Al said “It was so strange I had doors to the cages and whatever was taking the animals had hands because it had to open the doors. Early one morning I went out to find several doors open and I felt like I was being watched. I was saw what I thought was a tree stump. Something wasn’t right, I picked up a stick and threw it at it and this thing stood up and took off running on two legs. It was huge.”

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