SC EP:647 Into The 400

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Luke writes “Hey Wes, I am from Connecticut. I wanted to reach out to you specifically because of some odd experiences that keep me wondering what really happened that night.

It was about July and I was feeling ambitious so I decided to camp up in Northwestern hills solo in a hammock. The Wyatenoic state forest seemed remote enough. As darkness set in, I was circled in my hammock and heard a grunt just out of sight. I left soon after with the fear of being too deep in the woods without any real protection from cougars, bears.. I want to add the other event that took place in Dudleytown on December 26 2018.. I wanted to check out the place and explore the ruins.

We were not too far into the woods when my buddy started to go back towards the car due to increasing paranoia about something in the woods. Ill admit I wasn’t concerned as him, but there was something large that seemed to parallel us. As he walked back I stood in the woods looking around and taking in the beauty. I closed my eyes for maybe 30 seconds just happy to be there.. After that I walked back to my friend who was moving quickly up the trail with stone walls.. I turned around and a small black figure moved from the trail to behind the tree.. It was the same size as my friend who is 6 foot but was much smaller in build than him.. I was perplexed because it seemed rather lanky and kept me guessing if I saw a shadow figure.”

We also be talking to the guys from Into the 400. It is available now on Amazon. Check it out here:

Follow along as four researchers investigate a private property in the Ozarks known as “The 400” where they uncover compelling evidence that a group of Sasquatch may inhabit the area.

We will wrap up with Jarrett. Jarrett writes “I was camping at my property, 22 acres in western PA. I go there every once in a blue moon. Since this quarantine, I figure it it’s a great place to isolate on the weekends.

Briefly my tent was around 50 ft away from my car. In the middle of the night my car alarm goes off.. I’ve had the car for 2 years through hail and snow storms the car alarm has never gone off. It starts going off in the middle of the night.

I had a gun in the tent with me, I run out without knowing what’s going on and shot a round into the air. All I can see is a figure running away from the blinking lights of my car alarm. This is 8ish feet tall at 4am in the middle of nowhere.”

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