SC EP:658 It Reminded Me Of A Man

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Spoke to the witness and had a brief conversation, he said “while driving in York, Pennsylvania I saw this huge creature. It was bent down next to a creek.

I stopped to look at it and other drivers pulled over. The creature stood up and had this look like it was upset it had been seen. It had something in its hand. The creature turned and looked at us. It reminded me of a man…a large…hairy man.

It than slammed its fist to the ground and then collapsed to all fours and ran off so fast it was a blur. I have never seen anything move that fast. I was close to this thing. There is so much more to tell.” The witness has agreed to come on the show.

The witness said he has searched online fore something to compare to what he saw that day. He said this is the closest thing he could compare it to.

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