SC EP:673 The Skunk Ape Lives

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Tonight I will be speaking to Orrin and Orrin writes: “I just north of Spokane. Ive been listening to your show for a few years now, and i feel its my time to share what ive encountered. Ive had some experiences and one sighting.

My first encounter was the sighting, I was about 12 at the time. My dad, younger brother and I went fishing for the day. We had just left the lake, it wasnt totally dark out but enough to need headlights on. It was a dirt, mountain type road so we werent going anymore then 25mph. I was in the passenger seat of the Yukon and my younger brother was in the back seat, we were just talking about the day and the next thing we know this creature ran on two legs right in front if us. Happened so fast and close enough to the vehicle my dad didnt have time to put on the brakes. My dad and I sat there quiet for like 30 seconds as we kept driving, meanwhile my little brother keeps saying “dad what was that!” My dad and I looked at each other and he asked me what I saw. I said running on 2 legs, he says yep, I say covered in hair, he says yep. I say pretty short, he says yep.

The top of the head couldnt have been 4-6″ above the hood of the Yukon. I remember the conical head, and brown fur and its arm go back and forth as it ran. To keep this short there is a place where we hunt that way off the beaten path and we have found 3 sets of prints, and I had an encounter where I thought I was going to be trampled by something huge and when,I turned to look the sound was gone, no branches or bushes moving. If this is something youd like to hear more about id be glad to talk to you”

We will also be chatting with Gabe who had a very strange encounter while out camping with his family. He heard something very large walk into their camp in the middle of the night. Gabe writes, “I could hear it breathing but it had a strange sound along with the breathing.”

We will wrap up with Stacy Brown who has a new documentary out called The Skunk Ape Lives. It is available on Amazon. Stacy interviews many eyewitnesses in the documentary. if you get a chance check it out here: Stacy will be sharing his own encounters with us tongiht including one he had with his father.

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