SC EP:696 Fishing Trip From Hell

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Chris writes “For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in Bigfoot/Sasquatch and believe enough evidence has been found to prove their existence. On to my possible encounter.

In June of 2006, my fishing buddy and I were on Lake Ouachita (pronounced wosh-i-taw) in Arkansas. We hit the water around 1900 that evening, launching from the Joplin recreation area boat ramp. The breeze was calm and the moon was bright, a perfect night for fishing. Around 2200, we had been fishing the perimeter on one of the many islands on the lake. This particular island has a nice long inlet on one side that has a finger protruding just off center and we always catch some nice fish there. This evening was no exception. After landing my second bass, there was a loud splash from a decent sized rock being tossed in the water.

I looked back to my buddy giving him the WTF look only to notice he was giving me the same look. As we were about to say something to each other, there was another splash in front of the boat. Now we knew that neither one of us had done this as a joke on the other as we were facing each other when the second and third splash occurred. We exchanged a few words while scanning the bank looking for who was throwing these rocks when the fourth splash was made to our left and very close to the boat. I remember my buddy saying “oh shit” and pointing to the crest of the island shortly after that splash…”

We will also be speaking to Josh from Canada who writes “There is a window at the side of our suite to the left almost aiming at our neighbours but also viewing the forest out back.

Like I said, it was a typical day.. little just after 2pm.. I was in the kitchen area watching my daughter as she watched he favourite TV series ( paw patrol lol ), I was standing in the direction so I could see her but also could see out our back porch glass doors and that side window in our suite.

I remember standing there just kinda thinking about whatever when all of a sudden, something caught my attention, it was moving around in the bush outside that side window and about 70 feet down, (so I’m looking out my side window and down at the bush) and that’s when I saw it, this red softball sized orb that was moving around in the bush below, rises up out of the bush and into the back yard , turn to its left so my right.. kind floated for maybe a few feet and Wes .. it was like it noticed that I noticed it because when I was looking at it .. it was like it freaked out or something, immediately looked directly into my eyes and like a laser beam flashed at me 5 times ultra fast and than disappeared like it was never there…”

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