SC EP:697 A Whirlwind Of Weirdness

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Cindy writes “Hi Wes, I’ve thought a lot about sharing what has been happening here and to be honest, when it all started I had no idea what was going on!

We have lived in this house for 20 years. It’s in a Beautiful area in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. When we bought this house, we were traveling 9-10 months of the year… only coming home occasionally. This pattern continued until 2015 when we started a different path. My husband is a Speaker, Professor and does work for the State Department, so he was still Very busy.

At that point, I was home alone 98% of the time. I started to hear noises in the woods At night… and Knocking! The Master Bedroom has a Balcony off of it that faces in to the woods. It’s at least 14 ft off the ground. At night I would open the door to the balcony and just have the screen door … so I could hear the frogs, etc. That’s when I noticed the noises.

We have all matter of wildlife here… Fox, coyotes, an occasional bear and lots of dear. We had a group of deer ( at least 30) that slept in the side woods next to my house. I hadn’t been home for any length of time in years, so I was settling in.

One night early on,about 1 am , I heard something coming thru the woods… sounded like a bulldozer! It was LOUD! Just about the time I got up, Something hit the balcony SO hard it shook the whole room!!! The balcony is wrought Iron so it was loud!

It scared me to death!

I grabbed the flashlight out of the drawer and went out on the balcony. I didn’t see anything! It had only been seconds… and Nothing was there! This became a regular occurrence. Something would hit the balcony, and I would run out there… and Nothing was there! I started to keep the flashlight right next to me on the bed so maybe I could catch who was doing this! Then, I heard the screams!

It was about 3 am and I got up to let my little dog out. He was getting up in age and I had to take him out frequently.

I’m standing out in the yard with him and from across the street I heard what sounded like the gates of Hell opened! Omg!!! It started really low ( like Bobo) and went really high. It was like a gut punch!!

I grabbed my dog mid-pee and ran in the house! It was Terrifying! My heart was pounding and I couldn’t calm down! That was the point that I started to look around on the internet for answers. I was skeptical about what I found. I was sure that it HAD to be something other than a Sasquatch. I visited with my neighbor the next day to see if they had heard that horrific scream!! They said No, but a few days before they were out on their deck and something was Low growling until the woods.

My friend got up to see what it was and she saw eyes! It sufficiently scared them and they went inside!

Shortly there after, a lady from the next subdivision over came walking thru the neighborhood and saw us in our yard. She said ” this is going to sound strange, but… have you heard weird noises in the woods?”

I said YES!!!! So now I knew that I wasn’t alone… someone else had heard it too. Things kept progressing, hitting the balcony, hitting the house, hitting the garage door… all around my bedroom…”

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