SC EP:702 The Unnatural Fear

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Tonight I will be speaking to two eyewitnesses. Jacob writes “I’m 32 years old Oregon woodland firefighter. I have hiked around a lot of woods. I am also a skeptic, I’m not sure what exactly it was that I saw or experienced.

I have been listening to your show for about a week or 2. I find it entertaining, educational and comforting to know that it’s a safe place for all. I have had a couple of experiences I would like to share. I’m originally from Leadville, Colorado.

It’s a place of many mines and lots of wilderness. Stories have run around town for years from the Hispanic immigrant miners about this unknown thing called the “El Chupacabras”. If you know anything about it, it’s a doglike being that stands on its 2 feet and sucks the blood from its prey. It’s very elusive, fast and extremely dangerous according to lore. When I was in middle school, we lived in a house almost 20 minutes outside of Leadville.

Our back yard was the rolling hills that lead up into the Rocky Mountain range and a large field sat before that. The whole area was visible from our back door in the kitchen and every morning we saw a huge herd of elk of at least 60. One morning me and my dad started enjoying a cup of coffee to start our weekend around early October. As we were talking we gazed outside to see the elk herd and relish in the beauty. Well as we sat there looking at them for a few minutes, they suddenly started to stampede as fast at they could away from that area and towards the foot hills. This is totally bizarre behavior as we have never seen this before unless there was a near by predator. My dad, out of instinct, pulled out his binoculars to find this predator that scared them. As we Took turns scanning for a couple of minutes. We didn’t see anything, until all of a sudden my dad said that he is seeing something running out in the distance. He adjusted the binoculars to get a clearer vision but couldn’t totally make out what is was, for it was too far out in the distance. He handed me the binoculars and pointed to the area.

My stomach sank when I saw this thing running abnormally fast… on 2 legs. I could at make out the facial features but it was brownish tan with dark areas on the chest. I was totally bipedal, I saw it running towards the area the elk ran. When it reached the area it’s had stopped for a couple of seconds then book it towards the direction the elk ran…”

I will also be speaking to Roland. Roland writes “I live on Northern Ute tribe here in Utah. I have seen a lot of things being an outfitter and guide here for about 20 years I have had run-ins with Bigfoot and we did see one that we almost shot But I didn’t realize what it was until now. I have seen some strange things, I grew up 2 miles from Skin Walker Ranch”

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