SC EP:751 Surrounded And Pushed Out Of Camp

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I will be welcoming Tanner and Hunter to the show. Hunter writes “Hey Wes on August 6th me and my friend were camping and from 9:20pm to 10pm our camp was being circled by more than one Sasquatch. As we were trying to pack and get out as fast as we could.

We were camping on ice house road which is the road you take to get to the Rubicon trail right in the middle of Sacramento and Tahoe. It’s a super popular spot with maybe like 20 different campgrounds but we took an old logging road way off the bedent path in the direction where there was no other camp grounds.

About a mile down this dirt road off to our left I saw a tree structure I pointed it out to my buddy who during quarantine has been watching bigfoot b-flick movies so he immediately started making fun of me for it saying “there is no way bigfoot is big enough to carry those logs”. We drive about another mile to where the road dead ends to a big turn around and that’s where we set up camp.

We tried to find a fishing spot near camp walking a creek for about an hour but no luck and no weird feelings. My friend who is starting to drink decided to keep making fun of me and “call them in” by whooping and tree knocks.

We take off to go fishing and come back to camp around 7pm. Where we split up to go get fire wood, I went to the East side of camp where I did get really creeped out and my friend went down to the West side. About 7:30 I heard a tree knock to the west it sounded like it came from another turn around about 300 yards down the road were we first tried fishing in the day. (this is where I saw the big one later that night)

We have dinner my friend is getting belligerent drunk because we are “camping” still making calls every now and then trying to talk to me but is actually having trouble forming words by 9pm. At 9 I bring up how its dark now, but the sky is still really bright. At 9:20 is when it gets dark and that is when it began.

9:20 We both hear a stick break to the north side of camp that is up hill (15 yards away), I shine my light but do not see anything. Everything was quiet for 5min tell we heard something walk from the initial stick break about 15yards to the east. (I told him we were done drinking and put my cooler in the jeep in case we had to leave quick it was the only thing I didn’t want to leave) When I shined my light I got just one large green shine back. Mind you this is really close to us just outside of our dim fire light. I tell chase to get up and show him. He immediately thinks it’s a bear and I’m looking around and notice that the tree sap on some other trees is sort of shining the same color but is a lot smaller. Against my better judgment we decide to throw a rock at it thinking it is a bear from the eye shine. Chase is so drunk he tries throwing a rock. It falls into a ground squirrel hole; the rock goes completely the wrong direction and he cant even get up he’s so drunk. I throw a rock with my right hand holding our only flashlight in my left hand and get the rock to zing literally right by this shine. That shine got a lot bigger like what ever it was opened its eye wide. Chase saw this and started getting scared and yelling “go away bear”…”

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