SC EP:77 Military encounter with the Yeti [Members] PREVIEW

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“In 1998 I took a sojourn in India, I lived there for a while in NW India’s Himalayan foothills, the closest airstrip would be Bhuntar. I did the usual stuff, hiking, playing hours of karrom and generally soaking up the sights. We took walks that lasted days through places like the uninhabited Sanj valley, met the strange people of Mallana (who haven’t bred outside their own village since Alexander the Great, or so the local opinion goes, indeed your not even allowed to touch them!) but it wasn’t far from a pretty busy little place called Kasol where I had my rude awakening. If you look on the map I suppose the closest place you will see is Manikuran. The country there is pretty dammed wild, you can hear boulders migrating down the river beds at night in the powerful course of the glacier melt waters! We were staying in a chai house about 2 miles from Kasol and after a trip into town for a hair cut and something to eat other than chick pea Dahl! I had to turn off the road to take care of nature. I knew I couldn’t get lost as the path ran parallel to the river so I veered iff for some privacy, it’s hard to come by in India!”

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