SC Shorts: Manitoba Bigfoot Encounter

This is from episode 389, Manitoba Bigfoot Encounter. A listener writes “I have never told this story to anyone. At the time it happened I was coming to the end of a messy divorce after a more than 20 year marriage. I truly felt if I said anything, those that cared about me, they would have thought I had cracked under the emotional stress of the time.In the spring of 2007 I was making my way out of a long term less than uplifting marriage. I had lived in the small town of Pinawa for more than 20 years at that point. It is located in the eastern region of Manitoba; it is rural, with a population at that time of about 1200 people. I had trained as a Veterinary Technician, and prior to marrying I had worked for the government vet clinic in the area, mostly a large animal practice. But because we were the government vet, at times we had to deal with wildlife matters, so I was not stranger to animal behavior. After I had children and was a full time mom, I also did some injured wildlife rehabilitation for the DNR, on limited bases.

The local DNR supervisor for the area was a neighbour and a friend, and it was an unofficial position, helping him out at times, and giving my children a unique opportunity to interact with animals that otherwise would be off limits. I say all this because I feel it is important to stress that wildlife and animal behavior in general were something I was very familiar with. Bears were very much a part of everyday life from early spring till late fall. The town site, teams with an overflowing deer population. The large predators ( wolves, coyotes, and the occasional cougar) in the area seemed to have pressed the whitetail deer into the sanctuary of the town site. As well as the buffer zone that existed for the deer when hunting season was on, the town site became the haven for deer that it is still is to this day. The walking trails around the town site are superb.”

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