Survivorman Bigfoot | Directors Commentary | Episode 6 | Nordegg Alberta | Les Stroud

HI Gang – By request – here is another Director’s Commentary (Ya I know I know – its a Bigfoot episode – so if yer not into that…then don’t watch – but keep your opinion to yourself or feel the wrath of the mighty ……..sorry……I digress, been watching too much Avengers – just enjoy and chill. It’s good pandemic time killer) ……..I’ll try to keep making and uploading these as our pandemic isolation continues. Enjoy!
**And don’t forget that coming this fall a new series on American Public Television (yes spilling into Canada) called Wild Harvest about local foraging will begin along with a 90 min special called Surviving Disasters with Les Stroud….watch for those!

Created by Les Stroud
Starring Les Stroud

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