Survivorman Bigfoot | Episode 2 | British Columbia | Les Stroud | Todd Standing

Les continues his survival in the remote area of Northern Alberta and British Columbia to get as close as he can – if that’s possible – to the legend known as Sasquatch. Full of skepticism, Les enlists the help of a Bigfoot tracker named Todd Standing, who claims to have had multiple interactions with the legendary creature in the area. But Les isn’t easily swayed. Plowing through the evidence and revealing incredible never-before-seen footage that Todd has captured over twenty years of tracking Bigfoot in the bush, it all seems too incredible to ignore. But Les needs 100% irrefutable proof. For an expedition to yield any success, the search must be made by the most elite of wilderness experts who have the experience to film in the extreme conditions one can expect from the most remote locations.

Directed By Les Stroud
Starring Les Stroud, Todd Standing

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