Survivorman Bigfoot | Episode 3 | Klemtu BC | Les Stroud

In the largely unexplored wilderness of Klemtu, a Native Reserve on the coast of Canada’s beautiful British Columbia, local residents have been telling stories for generations about Bigfoot. Klemtu Hill is an old volcano, it’s a sacred area and the Bigfoot reports here are in the hundreds. Something that is supposed to weigh 900 pounds has to leave a trail – whatever is there, it leaves tracks, makes sounds in the night, makes friends and helps people, abducts and even kills people. Les Stroud’s approach is to place himself in the hot spots, in the firing line, wherever there have been reports of sightings or strange happenings, in a tent, outside of a tent, with fire, without fire, inside of a cabin, walking on lonely roads, whatever it takes to provoke an encounter. Les’s quest is to make contact and in this wild place of abundance, where large animals could exist indefinitely, it is the unknown that keeps him coming back for more.

Directed By Les Stroud
Starring Les Stroud

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