Survivorman Bigfoot | Episode 5 | Willow Creek | Les Stroud

Les tracks Bigfoot in the ancient red cedar forests of Northwest California.

Sixty miles in-land from Eureka, California sits the land of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Here, the wide trunks of ancient red cedar trees stand like old guardians; their disorienting and protective branches stretching for miles towards the northwest sky. It’s easy to get lost here. And this old forest is dangerous. It’s the densest black bear territory in California…and a hot spot for Bigfoot activity. Les heads back out into the wilderness in search of Sasquatch. Les isn’t a believer – not yet. He needs irrefutable proof. He’s got to catch one on film. The town of Hoopa is swimming in Sasquatch stories. Les sifts through the evidence, talking to the locals, looking for signs, and attempting to invoke an encounter.

Directed By Les Stroud
Starring Les Stroud

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